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What is spam?

Spam is unsolicited bulk email often containing advertisements, various scams, and even viruses.

What is RBL?

(Realtime Blackhole Lists) A collection of IP addresses known to be used by spammers. maintains its own list of IP addresses. Most mail servers subscribe to multiple lists to block spam before it can be processed and sent to the end user’s inbox.

What are common causes for RBL listing?

How to report SPAM?

First, identify the source. Forwarding the spam message or referencing the “From” address will not help identify the source of the spam. The SMTP headers provide the source information, but unfortunately is frequently forged by spammers who move to different servers frequently. If you choose to report spam, SMTP headers must be provided along with originating IP address and reported in under 24 hours of the spam being received by your mail server. The report should be sent to the owner of the originating IP address, you can learn who the owner is Registries like ARIN

You might also consider reporting the spam to the FTC, FTC Spam page

How to request delisting?

Using the link provided, check the IP address in question to confirm listing. Completely fill out the delisting request form, providing accurate answers to all fields. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours. Submission of form does not guarantee delisting.

If you are an Infinity Internet customer, please refer to our support pages for more information about combating spam: